Adult Education funds are administered by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for members who want to get their General Education Diploma (GED). The Tribal staff makes referrals.

Scholarship Funds are administered by the BIA for Scotts Valley Tribe members who want to attend college. Tribal staff makes referrals. Scholarship funds are also provided by the Tribe on an annual basis, based on the number of credits taken by each Tribal member student.

Job Training funds are available through the BIA for members who want to enroll in vocational training that will lead to a certificate or license. Tribal staff makes referrals.

Other Education Programs administered by the Tribe include:

  • Payment for books and equipment for Tribal members to attend classes on a part time basis at a local college or vocational school. Scotts Valley will pay each per semester.

  • Graduation incentives for all Scotts Valley students upon graduation from Junior High, High School or college.

  • License renewal fees for Tribal members who work in professions that require periodic renewal of licenses.