The Scotts Valley Environmental Office is funded by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) General Assistance Program (GAP) Grant and works in cooperation with the environmental departments of other tribes by attending local tribal environmental consortium meetings, networking with other tribes in learning about and supporting Native American environmental issues, conducting community environmental events and coordinating all environmental action on its tribal lands.

The Scotts Valley Environmental Office has created an approved Hazard Mitigation Plan and is working on an Emergency Response Plan. The National Incident Management System Director has been certified Tier I, NIMS Tribal Council Members will be certified by the end of 2008.

A major focus of the Scotts Valley Environmental Office is Environmental Education. With many environmental issues facing the tribe at this time, the Scotts Valley Environmental Office uses the monthly Tribal Newsletter to inform and educate tribal members on current environmental issues.

Also, the Environmental Office produces a quarterly newsletter dedicated to our Tribal Youth with the purpose of fostering a connection to the earth’s ecosystem. In every issue, two different animal, mineral and plant species are highlighted; teaching the younger members of the Tribe about the variety of life surrounding them. In the description of each individual species, The Eastern Pomo name is given along with the species name and the common name.