The Scotts Valley Health Department will work to insure that every Scotts Valley Tribal Member has access to a healthy way of life, to quality physical and mental health and dental care.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling is available. A certified counselor who is on staff provides this service. The Counselor assists members who have alcohol/substance abuse problems including one-on-one counseling, group sessions and assistance with court appearances. Scotts Valley also provides alcohol/substance free activities for adults and youth. As a service to Indian and non-Indian students in our community, the Counselor works with the School districts to help local Indian youth and is pleased to have the opportunity to assist both Indian and non-Indian students with problems that effect many of today’s families.

Community Health Worker (CHW) provides assistance to members for their health needs. Services include transporting members to medical appointments, home visits, diabetes monitoring, assistance with medi-cal and other social service applications, workshops on health issues, etc. The CHW works with other tribes in the area and with designated Tribal Health Clinics to provide training and set up health programs for local Indian people. The CHW works with the Counselor to provide Adult Alcohol and Drug Free activities such as softball, basketball, etc. by assisting members with registration fees and league sponsorship. The Tribe supports these activities and throughout the year provides trips to to many locations and other sporting events.

The Health and Social Service Department Manager also provides information and referrals to Tribal members needing assistance with public benefits, landlord tenant issues, housing opportunities, and other social services as needed.